Directions to Jessie & Marilyn’s home on “Frank’s Hill” above Phra Ae town.

Click HERE for a Google Maps pin drop. (note that you can NOT access our road via the animal welfare road- this is an error in Google Maps)



If you’re driving yourself:

From Saladan (the pier), head south down the west coast. There’s really just 1 main road that heads down the west side of the island so it’s a bit hard to get lost. All the beach areas are like little towns. First you’ll drive through Klong Dao, with lots of shops and restaurants. After a total of just over 6 kilometers you will pass through another little town- Long beach town (AKA ‘Phra Ae’ town). You’ll pass a 7-11 with fruit stands around it and likely a few little food carts as well. From here, you are only 1.5 kilometers from the house.


Drive south down the coast for another 400meters, following the road up the mellow slope. At the top of the slope, there is a big road to the left and a big black billboard honoring the passing of the king. Turn left up this road (known as Elephant Road):



You will continue up this hill until it flattens out at the top. You’ll see a fancy resort driveway to the left, followed by a sign that says “careful” with a picture of a cement truck. Directly across from it is a steep driveway with a blue PVC drain pipe going up the side- you’ll see a sign that says “KeeReeLay” above it too. Turn right up this driveway:



The road continues around the edge of the banana tree field, and veers left :



The road continues down and passes some mailboxes, before sloping steeply uphill again. Continue straight up the hill:



The road will continue up, bending left, a slight right, and then left again. Immediately after the left bend you will see our house after an open lot:



It has a low wall with stone squares. The driveway has a shiny chrome gate and you’re welcome to pull right in and park anywhere inside. If by chance the gate is closed, it’s just held in place with a small rope and can easily be undone- we just shut it sometimes for the kids safety when they’re playing outside… my 1 year old likes to wander and doesn’t understand car danger yet😉

another quick note, if you use Google Maps to find us (using THIS pin drop link) please just be aware that there is an error in Google Maps (I’ve reported it already) with a road listed that doesn’t exist. Sometimes it routes you to take this road, as pictured below, but it is incorrect. The only way into our neighborhood is via Elephant Road (listed as “baan Phra Ae” on Google Maps). The second image with red shows the correct way to come.


If you’re lost, give us a call: 098-343-2510 or 098-731-7608