First, let me remind you to please email us one week prior to when you get here to confirm your arrival date.

You can click on the ‘getting here’ section under ‘koh lanta’ on the menu above. Below I’ll add some additional tips and tricks that could be helpful.


From Bangkok:

So the cheapest way to get down here is by overnight bus. If you can pick up tickets from a travel agency- always shop around if you have the option. Also ask if ‘government bus’ is an option- they’re normally about 100 baht cheaper. Expect to spend around 700 baht for a bus. The bus will go to Krabi bus station and from there you can get a van to Lanta for 250baht (about 3 hours).  The overnight bus is known for theft if you’re not careful. Keep your valuables ON you- meaning, your carry-on bag should be attached to you or used as a pillow or something. I’ve heard of bags going missing at peoples feet while they were sleeping. I’ve also heard of bus employees getting down into the underneath of the bus and going through luggage for valuables- so keep your cash and go pro close! I’d also recommend a sleeping pill for the bus- the seats recline but it still sucks to sleep on.

If you want a little more comfortable of a ride, book a train. ‘fan, sleeper’ class is the best in my opinion. You’ll pay a couple hundred baht more than a bus for it, but it’s worth it in my mind. You get a proper bed to lay down in- bottom bunk’s curtain blocks out more light for sleeping. Don’t get fooled into buying a joint ticket either- they’ll try to sell you a ticket that stops in Sura Thani and connects with a van to Krabi and then Lanta, but it’ll take alot longer and usually cost more. Take the train to the end of the line: Trang. From Trang train station, theres a travel agent across the street called ‘happy trips and tours’. There’s a woman named Sai that works there and just tell her you’re coming to work for Chill Out House and she’ll sell you a van ticket and make sure your driver knows where to drop you- it’ll be 300baht with the drop off (about 3 hours).

If you can’t be bothered with the hassle of overnight transit, you can always fly. The usual cheap airlines are Air Asia and Nok Air. The closest airport is Krabi. If you fly into Krabi, theres a cheap local shuttle that goes to krabi bus station for like 20 baht (about 15 minutes). From there you can book a van to Lanta for 250baht (about 3 hours). If you’re offered a ‘direct’ van from the airport, it’s a sham- they put you in a van that eventually goes to lanta, but first it makes a bunch of other stops (including the bus station) and they charge 500baht for it. You can also fly into Phuket.


From Phuket:

If you flew into Phuket, you’ll probably want to take the boat across. Depending on the time of year, there may be one or two boats a day. The morning boat leaves about 8am, and the later one, you’ll have to check with a travel agent…. but somewhere around 1pm. The real price is around 500baht (takes about 3 hours), but agencies are known to commonly charge people up to 1000 baht. Barter them down and tell them your friend buys tickets for 500 all the time, so be reasonable. To get from the Airport to the boat, you can take a van for 200, or private taxi by meter. If you need to spend the night in Phuket because you got in later in the day, Phuket Town is closest to the pier and has cool hostels and stuff in oldtown. If you wanna have a crazy night out, stay in Petong. The boat stops at Phi Phi Island on the way to Lanta. It’s a small party island that is very beautiful- if you stop there for a night to enjoy it, just be careful with your valuables, especially on the beach at night. There is a van option to get to Lanta from Phuket, but I don’t really recommend it cuz it takes a long time and is kinda a pain to get to if you’re not familiar with Phuket.